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Jordan Zucker



Degree: BA Mathematics University of Pennsylvania

Location: West Hollywood, CA and NYC, NY

(Also a big traveler. So catch her if you can.)

Height: Don't ask and just pull out the apple box

Web & New Media

Margie Haber

Marki Costello

Lesly Kahn

Tom Todoroff

Brian Reise

Catlin Adams


Kalmenson & Kalmenson

Bits and Pieces                       one woman scenes                 Bang Theater, Los Angeles


Wendel, The Sheepherder         ensemble                              Stimulus Children's Theater, Philadelphia












Training & Workshops
Special Skills

Horse-back riding (capt. of UPenn team), Singing (alto), Skiing (will wear a one-piece), Bass Playing, Gymnastics (but it’s been a while), Ballroom Dancing, Comedic Timing, Hablo, Stomach Rolling, Passport w/ stamps, Guffawing, Accounting, Schmoozing, Female Voice Advocate of Fantasy Football, Ball Buster, Home Owner, Kitchen Diva, New Orleans Jazzfest Professional, Drives stick in an emergency… 

Television & Film

Grill It! With Bobby Flay   Guest Star                                       The Food Network - Embassy Row Productions


Scrubs                            Lisa the intern (recurring - 10 episodes)                   NBC/Touchstone - Bill Lawrence

You Wish                        Cleopatra - costar                                              ABC/Touchstone - Jeff McCracken


The Hebrew Hammer       Girlfriend                                                          JBK Productions - John Kesselman

Girls Guide to Sports                         Host         

Girls Guide to the NBA                      Host          

Monday Night Match Up Menus         Host          

Girls Guide to Fantasy Football          Host         

2010 - present

2010 - present

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