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Jordan's Bio


Jordan Zucker is an American actress and wise ass. She is a native New Yorker (clearly) and rocked through four years of education to earn her undergraduate degree at The University of Pennsylvania. This doesn't mean she holds allegiance to ALL of the NY sports teams (just NYY), but she doesn't hate any of them. It does mean that she takes on the Philadelphia sports teams as her "B" teams. And it also means that she gets an enormous amount of pride just by stepping foot in the city of Philadelphia, whether it be for a college friend's wedding, a stroll down memory lane, or a Phish concert at the Mann.


Jordan is bi-coastal, flying about the country with her little French Bulldog, Hula, on a monthly basis. Don't ask if she prefers LA to NY. Though she has a running list of each glorious city's advantages, she loves both for what they're worth.


Jordan was raised to appreciate food. However, her parents soon discovered that their efforts to mold a young sophisticated palate would backfire when little Jordan was able to recognize that her "chicken dinner" was in fact rabbit and subsequently refused to eat it. She worked on her "Junior 15" all throughout Europe during her seven months abroad. Confident that Hollywood would find her "real girl" (aka "anorexia is for sissies") persona fresh, new, and appealing, she promptly pocketed her Ivy League BA in Mathematics and dashed off across the country to be an actress. Multiple years, tears, and beers later, she landed the role of "Lisa the intern" on Scrubs. In the meantime, she honed her hosting skills by consistently throwing the best damn Passover seder west of the Mississippi, and learning how to be charming before noon. 


As actors tend to find themselves "between jobs" with a deflated sense of purpose, Jordan decided to create her own "work"  and combine different avenues of passion. She started Girls Guide to Fantasy Football in 2008 which has evolved into Girls Guide to Sports. Representing the modern female sports fan, she has dedicated herself to expanding the female sports fan base through organizing and encouraging participation in fantasy sports. As Commish, she is the ringleader and enthusiast, encouraging women to follow the games, trying to prove that the game is gender blind, and revolutionize the market so it's not just male driven. Not just leading by example, she creates content appealing to women's interest.


Besides catching her on a syndication of Scrubs, you can also look out for reruns on The Food Network. She's guest starred on an episode of  "Grill It! with Bobby Flay." She writes about her adventures in dining, drinking, dating, and dancing on her Oxtails, Cocktails, and Rock Tales blog. Jordan is writing a cookbook with her mother, Betti, (which sometimes translates to: she's writing a cookbook,) called One Dish, Four Seasons - A Recipe Trifecta. Jordan and Betti will be featured in the September 2014 issue of the magazine Where Women Cook.



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